10 Point  grading scale average calculations will be applied as follows: 

A:  90-100 = 4.0 GPA     Outstanding           Indicates Outstanding Mastery of subject

B:  80-89 = 3.0 GPA       Above average      Indicates above Average Mastery of subject

C:  70-79 = 2.0 GPA      Satisfactory            Indicated acceptable work and performance

D:  60-69 = 1.0 GPA      Passing                  Indicates below average learning, minimally
                                                                     acceptable and not considered up to the standard
                                                                     expected of students with normal and/or average

F:  < 59 = 0.0 GPA     Failing/ No Credit       Indicates the student’s lack of comprehension,
                                                                      performance and achievement, which is not
                                                                      acceptable and requires repetition of work and
                                                                     possibly retention at the same grade level for an
                                                                     additional year.