"Equipping Bright Minds"| 2 Timothy 3:17



In working with Governor Holcomb, IDOE provided the following considerations for schools:

  • Mandated Statewide School Closure until May 1 – This mandated closure follows recent Centers for Disease Control guidelines to limit gatherings to less than 10, and may be extended through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Schools utilizing eLearning can continue to do so as determined by their local school administrators and school boards.
  • Twenty Day Waiver Extension – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shift, the current 20-day waiver may not adequately address the needs of local districts. Therefore, IDOE will work with individual districts and schools to determine the total amount of instructional waiver days necessary.
  • Forgiveness from Accountability, Chronic Absenteeism, and Assessment Requirements – Indiana will continue to pursue all federal waivers associated with the forgiveness of accountability, chronic absenteeism, and mandated assessment requirements for the 2019-2020 school year. Currently, IREAD-3, ILEARN, ISTEP+, I AM, WIDA Screener, and ISPROUT have been cancelled. Please note, ISPROUT and WIDA continue to be available for early childhood providers that are operational and districts utilizing eLearning.
  • Requirements for Grade 12 Seniors – Understanding the acceptable concerns of Grade 12 seniors and their families, IDOE will continue working to develop a timely and practical solution.
  • Food Service Waiver – Providing children access to wholesome and nutritional meals is a priority and an action our schools continue to take. While schools are finding creative solutions to meet the needs of their students, IDOE will vigorously pursue all available federal waivers to ensure zero interruption. To date, 94 percent of Indiana’s traditional public schools are providing or arranging meals.

Due to the recent outbreak, (new) enrollment

for all programs is currently suspended until further notice.