Homework Policy


Homework:  Homework is beneficial for all scholastic development. It is a reinforcement of the learning at school. It is a parental responsibility to ensure that time and space is set aside at home that will be conducive to study. Suggested time allotments for homework are: Grades K-1   20-30 minutes Grades 2-3   30-40 minutes Grades 4-5   40-60 minutes.

All homework is due the next day unless otherwise stated.
Homework is worth 5 Points
1 point for neatness
1 point for name
3 points for 80% or more correct, 2 points for 70-79% correct,1 point for 60-69% correct.
1 point automatically is taken off if homework is not turned in on time. If a child is absent, they have the amount of days they were absent to turn in all missed assignments and homework. For K-2nd grade only- Sticker for each day homework is turned in. Reward for a full chart at the end of each quarter.

Title 511 IAC 6.1-5-9 states “Each school and school corporation shall adopt, implement and communicate to teachers, parents and students a written homework policy to reinforce the concept that homework is an out-of-school assignment that contributes to the educational process of the student. Homework shall be viewed as an extension of class work and related to the objective of the curriculum.” MSA teachers understand HW is a review of materials cover through the lesson, no new subject shall be given as homework.